Best Online casinos in Sweden 2022

Gambling online in Sweden is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you like more freedom and an exciting gaming experience. Swedish players have many casinos to choose from, but they may be lacking compared to some other gambling industry sites.

In this guide you will find all the important information and everything you need to know about the online gambling industry in Sweden.

Top 5 best online casinos in Sweden

  1. 888 Casino;
  2. Slottica Casino;
  3. Casino Planet;
  4. LeoVegas Casino;
  5. Rizk Casino.

Find the Sweden online casinos with our help. We have reviewed the top 10 casinos, sorted by their quality and awarded with a star rating.

Are Swedish online casinos legal?

The gambling situation in Sweden is not easy. In 1997 the two largest lotteries in the country, Svenska Penninglotteriet and Tipstjänst, merged to form a large company, which ended up controlling the entire gambling industry in Sweden. creates a monopoly of local casinos.

Although the act drew negative attention from many, it helped the country’s gambling industry grow significantly. But it got even better after 2019, when this big company finally broke down due to the accumulation of pressure, opening the Swedish gambling industry to gaming operators outside of the country.

For now, players in Sweden can enjoy a wide selection of both casino sites in Sweden and offshore platforms that provide various other gaming options.

While the best casino sites in Sweden will undoubtedly provide you with the safest and most secure environment for online betting, you should be aware of all the avenues you can choose on your way to having the best gaming experience.

Is online gambling legal in Sweden?

All forms of online gambling are legal in Sweden. You can choose from all local and offshore gambling platforms with no problem. But of course, these sites must be licensed and you must be at least 18 years old to bet.

How to choose the best Swedish online casino?

As the Swedish gambling industry has opened up to casinos from all over the world, the possibilities for all players have become much wider. And considering how booming the gambling industry is, the pool of exciting gaming platforms is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Following this exponential growth, numerous casino sites in Sweden offer a plethora of options that you can go to right away. However, before you can do so, it is best to filter out some of these sites. This is very important, especially when you are a beginner. So, to help you choose the best Swedish online casino, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Welcome Offers

Welcome bonus offers are usually one of the first factors that are considered when joining one of the casino sites in Sweden. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for gaming platforms that don’t give their new users generous offers to join to be not as good as those that make the extra effort to do so. 

All of the Swedish gaming sites we feature on our platform do their best to provide their players with the most generous joining bonuses. A great welcome bonus offer usually becomes the backbone of most players’ bankrolls, giving them a much better chance of winning. 

In addition, we also examine the terms and conditions of all these welcome bonuses offered to filter only the casino sites in Sweden with the most convenient rules. This is an extra layer that many players neglect, although it is crucial. 

Loyalty Bonuses

Once we get past the welcome bonus offers at Swedish casinos, it’s important to carefully examine the existing customer bonuses that these platforms have to offer. Of course, there are many factors to consider here, but if you want to join one of the best casino sites in Sweden, it is a must.

One of the main reasons for this is that by constantly taking advantage of various bonus offers, you will greatly increase your chances of winning more and enjoying your favorite casino games for longer periods of time. But when a certain Swedish online casino gives their existing users more bonuses and promotions, it clearly shows how much they value their players, and that’s something you should always hope to find. 

That’s why all the casino sites in Sweden that you can find on our platform are time-tested. As a result, our team can accurately determine if they provide their existing players with enough bonuses and promotions for their best gaming experience. 

Payment Methods

Payment methods on Swedish casino sites are always ignored before the player realizes the mistake when it is too late. When playing at online casinos, most players think they can transfer their funds quickly and effortlessly using the payment methods they choose. But the sad reality is that this is not always the case with casino sites in Sweden. 

Once we have identified this problem, we present only casino sites in Sweden that will give players the best possible options, allowing them to move their funds easily. This is very important because most Swedish gambling platforms have different restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. 

Types of Games

With the different restrictions in Sweden for online betting, you may find that most Swedish platforms do not provide players with a wide range of games and features that they should enjoy day in and day out. Freedom and variety are the two most important components that make every player’s gambling experience either enjoyable or a living hell.

When choosing one of the casino sites in Sweden, it is always important to look carefully at the types of games you can enjoy. After all, what’s the point of joining a site that can’t offer you the best of the casino gaming world? The short-term variety of games will have the most significant impact on how you browse and enjoy a particular Swedish casino site. 

Software Providers

In addition to the types of games that are directly related to your gaming experience at a particular Swedish casino, the software providers that partner with a particular platform are also a very important component to consider. 

When the selection of games does not include titles from many software providers, the entire section starts to be missing. This is because different software providers offer something unique, and only a combination of the best in the industry will provide players with the best gaming experience. 

Most Swedish casinos don’t have established relationships with too many different software providers because of gambling restrictions in the country. This creates a pool of casinos that can’t offer the best that the gaming industry really has to offer. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, as more and more gambling establishments available in Sweden begin to improve dramatically in this direction. But until this becomes the standard for all casino sites in Sweden, you can find the best features for Swedish casinos on our site. 

Supported Devices

As a player in Sweden nowadays, you always expect to have plenty of supported device options so that you can fully enjoy your casino games. And you should know that you will encounter some good news about this. 

Most Swedish casinos will certainly provide you with a wide range of supported devices. allowing you to enjoy their features whether you want to play on your phone, tablet or computer. Nevertheless, you will very rarely come across casino sites in Sweden that do not support mobile games, for example. Nevertheless, you should know that such platforms can rarely compete with the top-rated betting sites in the industry. This is why you should avoid these platforms altogether.

How to gamble at Swedish online casinos

Despite various restrictions and limits, it’s not hard to start gambling at any Swedish casino. Well, as long as you follow our advice, we’ll take you step by step through the process. 

Choose a reliable Swedish casino that fits your preferences and betting style.

  1. Go through the registration process;
  2. Make your first deposit at the casino;
  3. Get the available welcome bonus to give yourself an edge;
  4. Enjoy the available features and games.

The most popular online casino games in Sweden

The most exciting part of gambling is diving into all the exciting gambling features provided to you by the best casinos in the industry.

However, at the best casinos in Sweden, you can do just that, given all the different types of games that cover most of these platforms with ease. Here’s a recap of all the exciting features you can take advantage of at Swedish casinos.

Slot Machines

There’s hardly anything more exciting than immersing yourself in a slot machine game that can bring you significant profits in seconds at any Swedish online casino.

Black Jack

A fierce battle with the dealer to 21 makes blackjack one of the exciting and dynamic games to try in Swedish casinos.


A game very similar to blackjack, baccarat will appeal to many players, especially in Swedish casinos where there are many versions of the game.


Roulette is one of those fast-paced games that can immerse you in a heavy game for hours. But as addictive as the game is, it’s just as lucrative and available in just a few clicks at any Swedish casino.

Video Poker

Video poker has always been the perfect alternative for players who want to experience the thrill of playing poker, and best of all, there are plenty of options at all casino sites in Sweden.

Live Casino

All kinds of live dealer games are available for Swedish enthusiasts. Their quality will immerse every player in the game with ease, providing an incredible gaming experience.

Bonus offers with real money at Swedish online casinos

Getting real money from bonuses on casino sites in Sweden has become easier than ever. As restrictions in different countries begin to be lifted and more offshore platforms are available, players can now take advantage of significantly more promotional offers. And if you’re new to most of these sites, you’re definitely in luck. 

Beginning players can afford the luxury of claiming significant welcome offers, which usually come with bonus funds and free spins. This will give your gaming experience a boost on every platform. 

However, you must be aware of the terms and conditions that accompany each offer or you could get into trouble. We will now provide Swedish players with a rundown of the best bonuses they can get at the various online casinos in the country. 

Deposit Bonuses

As their name suggests, Deposit Bonuses are offers that you can take advantage of after making your first deposit at any Swedish online casino. Almost all welcome offers fall into this category, making it one of the most significant bonuses you could ever get as a Swedish player. 

The advantage of these offers is that the deposit limits are very high, which means that the more money you deposit, the bigger bankroll you will have to start your gaming experience. 

Also, with some of these offers you can triple your deposit, which can’t be a bad thing no matter how you look at it, creating a fantastic opportunity for all Swedish players. 

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses at all Swedish casinos are among the least permanent promotional offers you can get. As a rule, there aren’t many of these offers on casino websites in Sweden.

Nevertheless, they are the most preferred among gambling enthusiasts because they require no investment, creating the ideal conditions for a freer gambling strategy. 

With no deposit bonuses at Swedish casinos, you will receive a small amount of bonus funds to play the games you are interested in. The wagering requirements are also very user-friendly, so if you’re lucky, you’re sure to take home a huge amount. 

Free Spins

Free spins are a classic bonus in the gambling industry, especially in Swedish casinos. The opportunity to enjoy all the exciting slot machine titles for free can’t be compared to anything else, so there are plenty of such offers at the best casinos. 

There is no catch. As long as such an offer is in effect, you can claim a certain number of free spins and use them to get real cash winnings. Of course, you will need to meet the following wagering requirements, but they are often very easy to come across, especially after you have built up a bankroll.

Payment methods on Swedish casino sites

Although the gambling situation in Sweden is very complicated, this does not mean that players will be limited in the number of payment methods they can use. Casino sites in Sweden have some of the most extensive sections of payment methods. in the gambling industry. 

All players at the best Swedish casinos can use the industry’s most well-known payment methods, as well as some others that are exclusive to the country. 

This creates many possibilities, allowing all Swedish players to move their funds easily. With this in mind, we will give you an overview of all the payment methods you can use at Swedish casinos. 

Debit Cards

There is hardly anything easier to use for payment than debit cards. All transactions at casino sites in Sweden are lightning fast with debit cards. The only delay will be if you need to authorize a payment, but even then you can’t expect your transactions to take more than a minute. 

That’s the power of debit card transactions, and that’s why it’s a favorite payment method for all Swedish players. If you are wondering which ones you can use, we recommend choosing the most recognizable ones, such as Visa or MasterCard. You’ll never have a problem using these two. 

Credit Cards

The opportunities that credit cards provide are widely known around the world, but in the last few years they have been used quite often for casino deposits in Sweden. It has gotten to the point where this payment method for players in Sweden has become as popular as debit cards. Like the latter, Visa and MasterCard are the best options you can use, and they will give you maximum freedom in your gaming transactions. 

If you don’t know, all credit cards have a limit you can’t cross, but in most cases that’s more than enough to fund your account at any of the casino sites in Sweden and enjoy at least a few exciting games. gaming sessions before it’s time to withdraw your profits. 

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfers are common in Swedish casinos because the country works closely with some of the best payment processors in the country. Swedish players can make quick deposits and withdrawals on a variety of platforms using Trustly, Nordea, Webmoney and others. 

These payment providers make all transactions extremely pleasant, as users can even join casinos with automatically verified accounts and make instant deposits without providing the platform with any additional data. 

How cool is that? Direct bank transfer payment methods are one of the fastest ways you can use to fully enjoy the gaming experience that casino sites in Sweden provide to the fullest extent. 

Electronic Wallets

Undoubtedly, electronic wallets are the pioneers of transaction speed in the gambling industry. Therefore, only natural, they are also one of the preferred payment methods in Sweden. 

The main advantage that attracts most Swedish players is that all funds in an e-wallet are separated from all their country accounts in their name, which means that they can use their profits without any restrictions or additional taxes. In addition, e-wallets are easy, and even withdrawals from Swedish casinos take less than 24 hours. 

Apple Pay

For Swedish iOS users, one of the fastest and easiest ways to pay at casinos is Apple Pay. These transactions are very similar to those based on a direct bank transfer. 

That’s because players don’t have to provide any additional data to specific Swedish casinos. Instead, they authorize all payments using the “Touch ID” system, safeguarding all parties from the worst-case scenario. 

With this system, all Apple Pay transactions go through in a matter of minutes, allowing players at casino sites in Sweden to move their funds freely. 

Prepaid Cards

Many gambling enthusiasts in Sweden are not too fond of using digital payment methods. But this is also because they have a quick and convenient option that they can access from almost anywhere. There are plenty of stores in Sweden where players can quickly top up their casino account by paying in cash. 

The only thing you have to do when depositing with a prepaid card is to enter the code you get in the special deposit section of your account. The whole process takes a few minutes. While this is quite convenient, you should keep in mind that withdrawals from prepaid cards are not possible. You will have to use another payment method when it comes to withdrawing your winnings from Swedish Casino. 


Cryptocurrencies are currently the most popular asset in the world. But they are becoming even more popular as a payment method in Swedish casinos, mostly due to the speed of their transactions. 

On top of that, many users are starting to prefer betting with cryptocurrency because these digital currencies are widely seen as a means of savings, and the winnings they can get with them can be worth much more. So it’s a great option, especially if you play at any of the top Swedish casinos we feature on our platform.

What is the best payment method for Swedish players?

Considering all the available payment methods you can use on Swedish casino sites, we recommend using direct bank transfer first and foremost.

Using this service, you can join almost every casino site in Sweden without providing any additional information, confirming your account on the spot with your bank details. In addition, all direct bank transfer transactions are quick and effortless, and all funds received will be at your disposal immediately.

Benefits of legal online casinos in Sweden

With the exponential growth of casino sites in Sweden, players can take advantage of more and more. The list of different features and benefits you can take advantage of grows by the day, but we will present some of the most significant benefits that Swedish casinos will present on the table in 2022. 

Bonuses, promotions and loyalty program offers

In the past, it was difficult to be a Swedish gambling enthusiast. Numerous gaming restrictions limited the bonus opportunities you could get, and gambling was not as enjoyable. But at this point the situation has changed dramatically. 

Other country restrictions, imposed on all regional and offshore platforms, are loosening, opening up numerous bonus opportunities that Swedish players could never connect with. 

As a result, in addition to the new bonuses and promotional offers that are constantly available on various casino sites in Sweden, there are now loyalty programs that players can take advantage of. 

Unique VIP programs are designed for the most active users of a particular program, providing even more exclusive bonus offers and exceptional privileges. These can include casino merchandise, exclusive live events, and even vacations and trips to other countries. 

Ease and convenience

Above all, Swedish casinos make all players feel at ease as they are sure to get the best treatment and a top-notch gaming experience overall.

As you travel through the Swedish gambling industry, you’ll find that most casinos are specifically designed to meet the needs of Swedish players. This is evidenced by all the payment methods available, as well as some of the casino games and features exclusive to players from Sweden. 

All these little things, at first glance, create a great online gambling environment, super convenient for all players in the country. 

Variety of options

As you’ve learned, the Swedish gambling industry is very flexible and gives players a significant amount of freedom, whether it’s the games they can play or the payment methods they can use for their transactions. 

The best casino sites in Sweden work closely with some of the most well-known casino software providers in the industry. As a result, they offer players the opportunity to enjoy almost every known type of casino game, such as slots, table games, live dealer headlines, video poker and more. 

And things are even better with the payment methods. In addition to the popular methods widely used in the gambling industry around the world, there are many options for Swedish players that are even faster and more convenient. For example, as a Swedish player, you can use popular debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency, but other options, such as direct bank transfers, are somewhat exclusive to the country. 

Strict regulation

One of the most common traps that most players fall into has to do with the reliability of some casino platforms. With the growth of the industry, there are many sites that want to become gambling sites, and so there are many dubious possibilities. However, this is not the case with Swedish casinos. 

The reason for this is due to restrictions on gambling, which most users are not too fond of. But when a particular country regulates its gambling market in this way, you can be sure that the platforms you can enjoy are top-notch. That’s why it’s a significant advantage that you can take advantage of every time you play at one of the best casino sites in Sweden. 

Customer Service

Customer service will always be one of the most important components of every online casino platform. And this is where the rules we mentioned in the previous paragraph play a vital role. 

These casino sites have to go through a very strict filtering process in order to be licensed by the Swedish Gambling Commission. They will inevitably offer the highest quality support services. With this in mind, you can count on most Swedish casinos to have an excellent customer support team ready to solve any problems you may encounter through chat, email or even a dedicated phone line.

FAQs about the best Swedish online casinos

Is it safe to gamble online in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the countries with the strictest gambling restrictions, so almost all casinos can be considered a safe bet.

How do I make a deposit at Swedish online casino sites?

When it comes to making deposits at Swedish online casinos, you have some freedom. Many payment options can be used, and the process is usually completed in seconds.

Can I play in different currencies on Swedish online casino sites?

Absolutely! Most casino sites in Sweden will provide you with different currency options for your gaming experience.

Can I play games for free at Swedish casinos?

You can play for free, but this feature is only available on some Swedish gambling platforms.

How long will it take before I get my winnings?

It depends on the payment method you choose. But generally, you can expect to receive your winnings within 1-3 days.

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